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Episode 14: Talk Like Antanas

The Lingua Materna Podcast

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Lingua Materna Podcast! On today’s episode, I’m joined by Lithuanian polyglot Antanas from Talk Like Antanas. In this episode, we discuss: • The process of learning a language • Experiencing ‘A-ha!’ moments in your learning • How to learn more efficiently There’s also a video version of this episode, […]

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Episode 12: Conor Clyne – Language Tsar

conor clyne

My guest for episode 12 of the Lingua Materna Podcast is Conor Clyne from Language Tsar.For more than a decade Conor has been combining his academic and professional life with his passion for languages and traveling.His voyage has taken him all over the world from the sunny beaches of Rio to the political power centers of […]

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Episode 11: Kerstin Cable – Fluent Language

lingua materna podcast ep11 kerstin cable

My guest for episode 11 of the Lingua Materna Podcast is Kerstin Cable from Fluent Language.Kerstin is a native German-speaker from the Moselle Valley although you might not guess it from her amazing native-like English accent!She’s studied English, French, Italian, Latin and Spanish and is currently trying her hand at Welsh.In this episode we talk […]

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Episode 10: Jonathan Huggins – Huggins International

lingua materna podcast ep10 jonathan huggins

My guest for episode 10 of the Lingua Materna Podcast is Jonathan Huggins from Huggins International.Jonathan recently ran a 30-Day Language Speaking Challenge, which I was delighted to participate in, and is currently preparing for another one. We discuss what led Jonathan to start the speaking challenge in the first place, his previous experience of […]

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Episode 9: Jack Askew – To Fluency

lingua materna podcast ep9 jack askew

My guest today is Jack Askew from ToFluency.com. Jack is an English language teacher and coach from the UK who’s doing great work encouraging learners to take control of their learning, enjoy the experience and make real progress in English.In this episode, we discuss the discrepancy many learners experience between their ability to understand a […]

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