Lingua Materna Podcast Ep. 13: How to Find and Maintain Motivation

Episode 13: How to Find and Maintain Your Motivation When Learning a Language

Welcome to Episode 13 of the Lingua Materna Podcast!

Today, I have a slightly different show for you. In this episode, I’m not joined by a special guest, as usual. Instead, I’m going solo to answer a recent question I received from a listener.

Don’t worry – the interviews will continue on a monthly basis and you can expect to hear from lots of great teachers and polyglots in the coming months.

In this episode, I respond to a question sent in by Safia about motivation. You’ll learn:

  • Why motivation is one of the building blocks of learning a language
  • Why you need to have a strong motivation from the beginning if you want to learn a language successfully
  • How to maintaian your motivation as you continue learning

Make a List

  • Take the time to really consider why you want to learn a new language.
  • If you don’t have strong motivation, it tends to catch up with you later on.
  • There are no right reasons or wrong reasons for learning a language. Choose what’s most relevant to you.
  • Even if you’ve already started learning your new language, it’s worth going back and considering what your motivation is
  • Put it down on paper (or on your phone or computer in Evernote)
  • If you write down what your motivations are, you’re more likely to remember them when the going gets tough.
  • Once you have your motivations written down you can refer back to them later on.

Maintaining Your Motivation

  • Getting motivated is the easy part, your biggest challenge will be maintaining that motivation
  • If you lose your motivation, you’ll spend less and less time practicing the language. And eventually, you’ll just stop practicing at all.

How to Maintain Your Motivation

  • Review your list of motivations regularly
  • Do activities you enjoy
  • Excitement and anticipation are what will keep you coming back over and over again to keep practicing your target language

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