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Do you want to learn Spanish? Great Choice! Spanish is the foreign first language I learned and it’s also my favourite! This section of the website will help you learn more about the Spanish language, as well as its culture and history! Disfrútenlo!

5 Reasons Why People Fail to Learn Spanish (And How To Avoid The Pitfalls!)

Spain - learning spanish Fail to learn spanish

Have you ever felt like giving up on learning Spanish? It can be difficult, but the key is to persist. After all, you only truly fail when you stop trying! In this guest post, Eldon Mirjah from Gritty Spanish discusses 5 of the biggest problems people face when learning Spanish and how to overcome them. ¡Vamos! Languages […]

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The Top 10 Argentine Spanish Phrases You Need to Know

Argentine Spanish

One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting Argentina or speaking with an Argentinian is that Argentine Spanish is different. In a previous post, I introduced the topic of Spanish dialects, and in this post, I’ll show you some of the most common Argentine phrases. The unique Spanish of Argentina Argentinean slang has largely arisen […]

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