Language Learning Accelerator by Eurolinguiste: Review

Language Learning Accelerator: An Honest Review

language learning accelerator

  • Do you need to build a more efficient language learning routine?
  • Do you struggle to keep going with your language studies?
  • Are you unsure how to be consistent or make regular progress in the language you’re learning?
  • Do you feel lost when it comes to organising and planning your language studies?

These are all common challenges when learning a new language and most language learners will encounter them at some time or another.

The new Eurolinguiste course Language Learning Accelerator claims to have the solutions, so I decided to check it out and share my thoughts with you here in this review.

Language Learning Accelerator – What Is It?lang-learning-accelerator course homepage

So what is Language Learning Accelerator?

In a nutshell, it’s a time management and study planning course for language learners. It shows you how to find (and make) time to practice languages and how to use that time as efficiently as possible.

The big difference between this and other time-management courses you’ll come across is that fact that it focuses specifically on language learning.

As you’ve probably already realised by now from your own learning, acquiring a new language presents lots of unique challenges and this course aims to highlight those and seeks to help you tackle them in the most effective way possible.

What Will You Learn?

First and foremost, you’ll learn how to take control of your learning.

No more practising now and then or studying without a clear goal. Shannon’s course is designed to help you take responsibility for your own learning and get organised.

The course is divided up in 7 core sections:

  • Goal-Setting
  • Choosing the Right Resources
  • Your Physical and Mental Study Spaces
  • Basic Time Management Strategies
  • Using What You Already Know to Learn More Efficiently
  • Learning Activities for People With Little Time
  • Tools and Bonus Materials

The course starts out by helping you build a firm foundation for your language learning journey. You’ll learn about the importance of having a clear motivation to learn the language and focus on setting goals for what you want to achieve.

You’re also encouraged to really think about what kind of learner you are and accept that the best routine is the one that works for you. You’ll then learn how to create that routine for yourself.

By the time you get to the modules on time management in the second half of the course you’ll already be much more organised and set up to learn a lot more effectively.

There is no new groundbreaking science in the concepts Shannon covers in this course, but what she’s done is create a clear and easy to apply roadmap that takes all the questions out of how approach learning a language.

If you don’t know how to start learning a language or your current routine is ineffective, this course will help you make the necessary changes to start seeing some results.

What Makes This Course Stand Outeurolinguiste language learning course

  • Shannon knows what she’s talking about – One of the things that stands out from the very beginning of this course is that Shannon knows exactly what she’s talking about and has spent a lot of time figuring out how best to share her knowledge with you, the learner. The video lessons are engaging and well presented.
  • The course roadmap – The course comes with a PDF roadmap so you always have a clear idea of what you’re going to learn and in what order. Printing out this course roadmap and keeping it on your desk is also a great way to hold yourself accountable and make sure you finish the course – you can tick off each lesson as you go along.
  • This is a very practical course – Shannon doesn’t just give you the information you need to improve your learning routine, she encourages you to take action and make changes in your own learning. Lessons are accompanied by PDF worksheets which require you to think carefully about what you’re learning in the course. These worksheets help you apply all the techniques in your own language learning so you see real results.
  • It’s comprehensive – This course doesn’t just teach you how to set goals or get motivated and then leave it at that. It takes you, step by step, through the entire process of learning a language and shows you how to complete each step more efficiently.
  • The information is delivered in bite-sized chunks – You learning quickly and easily because the lessons have been divided up into easily consumable chunks. All of the video lessons in this courses are less than 30 minutes long, meaning you can easily take everything in and then take action on what you’ve learned. There’s none of the sense of ‘overload’ you get from courses that use hour-long video lectures.
  • The course is well-structured and each module builds upon the previous one – One of the best parts about this course is the structure. In the first module, you learn to create the foundations for your learning by finding your motivation and setting clear goals. The rest of the course then builds upon this foundation. The effect is that you’re able to gradually create a more efficient learning routine by applying these techniques one by one. You don’t have to jump in at the deep end on Day 1. The course helps you introduce these new techniques into your routine slowly, which makes it much more likely you’ll actually be able to successfully build your new routine and stick with it once you’ve completed the course.
  • The ‘no bullshit’ approach – LLE doesn’t promise any ‘magic easy fixes’, it gives you honest and realistic solutions to the biggest problems you face in your language learning routine. What I most like about this course is that it strongly encourages you to take control of your learning and stop making excuses. And then it shows you exactly how to do it, step-by-step.
  • There’s an accompanying ebook included – As someone who loves to read, I appreciate the fact that the course also includes an accompanying ebook. Reading the book as you work through the course is a great way to reinforce the concepts you’re learning. It’s also a big plus that the book is available in e-reader friendly formats (epub and mobi) as well as PDF.

What Could Be Improved

  • The ‘Tools’ section could be expanded – This is really just nitpicking because the tools (recommend apps, etc.) section is actually very comprehensive. That said,  it would be useful to have some how-to videos or texts about getting started with some of the different tools that are mentioned. Some of them are quite obvious but others require a little more explanation if you want to take full advantage of them. That said, there is a note in the course which says Shannon will be adding tech training for these resources on request so these explainer videos will hopefully be coming soon!

My Conclusion

If you’re the kind of learner who struggles to get organised, set goals and practice consistently then this course is for you.

I’m a firm believer that one of the keys to learning a language is simply figuring out how to learn. Once you know how to learn efficiently and effectively, your language learning becomes both more fun and more productive.

In that sense, Langauge Learning Accelerator is a great solution and at only $97, I feel it’s very reasonably priced too. There’s also a lite version for $27 for those who just want to start with the basics.

By applying the techniques of the course and organising your learning more effectively, you’re not just going to learn faster. You’re also going to save a lot of valuable time and money that would otherwise be wasted while you try to figure out how to learn a language the right way.

With this course, you’ll start by building the right foundations for your learning from the beginning. And this will ultimately allow you to take full control of your own study and of your own progress towards fluency. Highly recommended!

If you think Language Learning Accelerator might be a good fit for you, you can find out more here.

Do you struggle with productivity and organising your language learning? What’s your biggest challenge in this regard? Let me know in the comments below.

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