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I saw the way most people try to learn foreign languages and it was clear they needed a radical change.

You see, most language courses will focus on working through a coursebook or passing an exam. But this method is overly simplistic and outdated.

What does work is learning to love the language and speaking it regularly. You don't become fluent because you study, you become fluent because you WANT to learn.

And when you really want to learn, you're never too busy. You'll find a way to make time.

No matter how busy you are, it you're truly motivated time will not be the issue.

Learning a new language is not so hard. But it does require one thing from you.


If you're not committed to learning, then sorry but you're in the wrong place.

I can't help you.

On the other hand, if you're ready to commit to this, then I can show you exactly how to learn English successfully and have a great time doing it.

That's why I created Lingua Materna. I wanted to find a way to help you to not only learn English more successfully but ENJOY doing it.

"But wait, I just want to learn English for business. I don't care if it's not fun, I just want be fluent as quickly as possible!"

I get it. I know how time sensitive things are in the business world. And I know that you need to start improving your English now, not in 3 years time.

But in order to become fluent quickly, you need to practice regularly. Every day ideally. And what's the easiest way to practice everyday? Make your practice time something you really, really enjoy.

Trust me, you can never truly be fluent unless you ENJOY learning the language.

I know because I've done it. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself ....

I'm James and I'm a language learner, teacher and coach from Ireland.

james granahan lingua materna

When I was growing-up my experience with foreign languages was a lot like most people's; not very good. I learnt Irish in school from the time I was 5-years old and I still can't speak it very well. Later on, I studied Spanish for 5 years and when I finished school I could hardly speak a word. I hated those Spanish classes.

Not a great start, eh?

But wait, that's not the end of the story. Now I speak Spanish fluently and I LOVE the language. I speak it, read and listen to it every single day and it's become a normal part of my everyday life.

So what changed?

My motivation.

I fell in love with Spain during a trip there in 2013 and I was planning to travel to South America next. I was also thinking about going to Barcelona to do a post-graduate course. All of a sudden I had a lot of reasons to learn Spanish and I was practicing everyday.


I started to practice using the language by going to language exchanges in Dublin. I discovered italki and as I started chatting with native speakers online, my love for the language grew.

Instead of feeling like I 'had to' practice Spanish, I was doing it all the time because I really enjoyed it. It became my favourite hobby. I grew to love the language and I grew to love the process of learning it. And guess what? I learned it successfully.

The truth is that successfully learning a language is not so different from being successful in business. They both require you to be committed, to keep going and to have the right mindset.

There is no magic point at which you become fluent in a language. It's a gradual journey. And that journey will be much faster if you ENJOY learning and approach it with the right mindset. I'm writing this today because I want to HELP YOU to make that journey even faster than I did and without so many bumps along the way.

They also both require you to take action.

Remember, the best time to start was yesterday. The second best time is right now.

Let's do it.


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